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Greetings! You can call me Zic, or Dragon, or any nicknames, I don't mind as long as it isn't intentionally rude. I am a cartoonist and illustrator from Cambodia. Currently learning to better animation and hopefully, have them available as commission options. You can tell that I love drawing dragons but my artstyle is very flexible and varied. Designing and reimagining characters is my strong suit. See my gallery below.


Commission status: CLOSED

By commissioning me, you must understand and agree to these conditions:

Please look at my portfolio/gallery before commissioning me! I am flexible in my artstyle and can draw the background or character more realistic or stylized at the request of the client. However, I will NOT draw in the style of another artist.I am sorry but I'm not doing any work for NFTs!!!ONLY send over the payment once I give the confirmation for you to. If not, please don't until I do!I will only start working after I'm paid the full price upfront if the price is below 100$, if the price is equal to or above 100$ then it will be half upfront and another half when I am done with the piece and the client is satisfied.Progress on the artwork will be provided so we can discuss on changes and whatnot.Changes can be made during the sketching phase for a free price or if it is my own mistake on any phase, but when I get to do lineart or colouring, you will pay for the appropriate amount of changes and more if I get to the shading/rendering.If for any reason the commission was canceled, you will receive a full refund if the piece hasn't been started yet, half if I have started making progress, and none if I have finished. A full refund will also be given if I myself cancel it for any reason, regardless of the phase.I work on the piece at my own pace. Please do not constantly bug or rush me. In doing so, you will not receive a piece that is up to the usual quality.The estimated time taken for me to finish a piece can be a few days at least to 3 months at best.As of right now, I unfortunately cannot work on deadlines because I cannot guarantee that I'll make it.You are allowed to use the art you've commissioned for any personal uses such as profile pictures, banners/headers, in videos, flyers etc. Just make sure you give me credit for it!Making merch out of the commissioned art is allowed! Make sure to give me credit for it!Reposting the commissioned work is allowed as long as credit is given to me.Altering my work is allowed as long as credit for the original image is given.All commissioned work will be posted on any of my main social media sites unless requested not to by the client.I reserve the right to dismiss a request for a commission for any reason not listed below.ALWAYS ASK if you are unsure about any of these or if something you wanted isn't listed!

What I can do:

  • Humans

  • Humanoids

  • Animals

  • Anthros

  • Custom Designs

  • Original Characters (OCs) and Fan Characters (FCs)

  • Ship art between OCs and/or FCs

  • Fanart

  • Gore/Violence

  • Mechs

  • Vehicles

  • Pride and LGBTQ+

  • Complex/Overly complex designs (I will likely simplify it unless requested not to, but it will likely be more expensive and takes longer)

  • Environments

What I MIGHT do:

  • Slightly suggestive content

  • Artistic nudity

  • Ship art between characters in media (non-OCs)

  • Other people's OCs that does not belong to you. Would prefer if you ask the owners for permission first before letting me draw them.

What I WON'T do:

  • Anything for NFTs

  • Copy another artist's style

  • Fetish related content

  • General NSFW art (Sexual acts, aroused genitals etc)

  • Anything politics related

  • Hate and/or discriminatory themes (Homophobia, heterophobia, transphobia, cisphobia, racism, ableism etc)

  • Anything mature involving minors (NSFW, nudity, suggestive content, heavy gore/violence. Absolutely NO exceptions. I also do not accept if the character resembles a minor but is apparently 9000 years old or anything of that matter.)

  • Incestual and/or pedophiliac relations

  • Feral animal yiff

Prices and examples coming soon!

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the terms, site, or anything, don't hesitate to contact me through DMs or notes of any of the social sites below!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zicdragon/
DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/zicdragon
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZicDragon (I don't post anything there but I am always open for conversations!)
Discord: ZicDragon#7468
Email: [email protected]